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  • To cut down my daily intake of alcohol

    Peter – Stourbridge

  • I pledge to drink less so I don’t say hurtful things to those around me.

    Yolanda – Maryland

  • Me Edgar pledge to stay sober and not drink any alcoholic beverages ever again and to better my self

    edgar – Lutz

  • I pledge to never drink again.

    Michelle W – Far away

  • To tell people close to me to drink less- life is too short

    diane – dudley

  • To slow down drinking when I go out on the town.

    Claire – Dudley

  • I Colton will Never have another drink of alcohol again. No matter the pressure or temptaion I will remain true to myself. I will not allow others to drink and Drive. With gps as my witness.

    colton – Ogden

  • I pledge that from today onwards I will drink moderately only now and again on happy occasions, not regularly as a way to drown my problems :-)

    Jo – Halesowen

  • I pledge to give up binge drinking for 6 months

    Phoebe – Dudley

  • To go alcohol free for a week from 16 November and to cut down my alcohol consumption afterwards

    Debbie Dixon – Worcester

  • I pledge to not regularly drink more than 3- 4 units – 2 pints etc (and only during the weekend – Fri, Sat, Sun) and on a very occasional basis, never more than on 6 units – 3 pints etc if out with friends/family.

    Chris – Newton Abbot

  • I pledge to stop drinking and lying about drinking before I lose everything, including my loved ones.

    Ambrose Gonzalez – San Marcos

  • I pledge to not drink alcohol !

    Stephany – Richmond

  • To give up alcohol because it is making me feel ill and unhappy

    Yvette Harris – Hastings

  • I pledge to continue trying to convince my friend to get professional help. He knows he’s an alcoholic but ‘thinks it’s fine’

    Rachel – Tipton

  • “Drink a little less…”

    Perci – Oldbury

  • “Stop binge drinking”

    Simran – Dudley

  • “I pledge to have less shots next time I go out”

    Gemma – Dudley

  • “I pledge to try and stop my mum drinking so much”

    Matthew – West Midlands

  • “I pledge to not be sick on my dog next time I drink!”

    Rachael – West Midlands

  • “I pledge to drink less in one sitting”

    Angie – Dudley

  • “I promise to drink less”

    Fiona – Dudley

  • “I pledge to try and stop Sam drinking”

    Keeley – West Midlands

  • “I pledge to keep working with people who need help with alcohol issues”

    Nathan – Halesowen

  • “I pledge to think before I drink”

    Linzy – Halesowen

  • “I promise to half the number of days I drink per week”

    Lee – Kingswinford

  • “I pledge to make 10 people aware of the affects of alcohol”

    Leanne – Stourbridge

  • “I promise to drink in moderation”

    David – Stourbridge

  • “I pledge to be more aware of the effects of alcohol”

    Lesley – Stourbridge

  • “I pledge to encourage my mum not to drink as much wine!”

    Jessica – Dudley

  • “I pledge to drink less”

    Monica – Sedgley

  • “I pledge to not be hungover on Christmas Day”

    Phil – Dudley

  • “I pledge to not mix my drinks tonight”

    Jim – Birmingham

  • “I pledge to talk to my dad about how
    many beers he drinks at the weekend”

    Laura – Halesowen

  • “I pledge to replace one alcoholic drink
    with water next time I’m out”

    Kevin – Stourbridge

  • “I promise not to end up in the
    bush again at the Christmas Party”

    Big Dave – Stourbridge

  • “I pledge to never puke in a taxi again. EVER!”

    Amy – Dudley


Make your pledge

You can make a pledge to change your drinking habits or even help a friend or member of your family do the same. Once you’ve made your pledge try and stick with it!

Why should I stick with my pledge?

There are many benefits to changing a drinking habit. If you decided to pledge to ‘cut down on drinking alcohol’ some of the benefits of doing this might include:

  • You’ll have more time to do things you’ve always wanted to do.
  • You might lose weight
  • You’ll save a lot of money
  • You’ll feel happier
  • You’ll be less likely to have arguments with those around you
  • You’ll sleep better
  • You can have a positive influence on your children’s own view of alcohol and the choices they make
  • Your memory of a night out will be better
  •  You’ll be less likely to develop high blood pressure
  • You’ll be less likely to develop serious health problems such as heart and liver disease
  • You’ll have more energy

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