Football can bring people together to watch the world’s best football teams and the world’s best football players, play the world’s biggest sport. Some games are celebrated and some end in disappointment, but regardless of the outcome , football goes hand in hand with drinking alcohol.whattype

Alcohol can be part and parcel when it comes to football but it effects people’s judgments and can make us angry and violent. Not everyone is the same and it affects us all differently.

Football can be one of the most anticipated sporting spectacles around the world. With such excitement it can be easy to have one too many. Here are some tips to help make sure you don’t burn out before the players do.

Tips for cutting down

• Drink a lower-alcohol lager then you would normally.
• Try to stick to single shots of spirits rather than doubles.
• Have a soft drink before each alcoholic drink and have water or a soft drink before and after the game.
• Replace alcohol with your favourite soft drink.
• Eat a meal before going out drinking.
• Pace yourself.
• Delay the time you start drinking.
• Practise how to say no to alcohol when it’s offered to you.
• If you’re going out with people who drink heavily, try to avoid buying in rounds (you could always get the first round and then opt out).
• Let your friends, family and work colleagues know you’re cutting down and ask them to be supportive.